WoT-sup client


For those who wish to submit match results to the database, there is a client to download and run as you play. The client is called "WoT-sup dc" - Short for "World of Tanks Statistical User Proficiency Data Committer". Bit of a handful, that.

Please note that the client is still beta quality, and I'll not be held responsible for damaging your system in any way. That being said, I run it on my own computer, and guarantee that as long as you get it directly from me, it'll contain no malware or other annoyances.

Installing and running

In order to install the program, simply download the zip-file and unpack it in a directory of your choosing. To run the program, double-click on the wotsupdc program.

Requirements for running the program is to have .NET framework v4.0 or later installed. This will usually be the case if you have a modern version of windows.

The client works by scanning the battle result files periodically (once every minute) and submitting any new ones to the server. Since battle results are removed by the game client after some time, the data committer needs to run as you play.

The old version of the client required some setup before use, the current one is configuration free. Likewise, replay recording is no longer needed - Battle result files are always written.

Ratings report on current match

If you want to get a report on ratings for players in your current match, there is now an option to open a ratings window from the main view. The ratings viewer requires that you point it to the replays directory in order to collect data on the current match. Pressing "Refresh" will send a request to the server with the current match info, and hopefully return a report on the ratings of the participating players after a few seconds.

The battle ratings report is colour coded with red being low proficiency, deep green being the highest color coding. Ratings with very low confidence (high ratings deviance) is marked in grey, since they are unlikely to be correct.

Known problems

Cryptic error messages - Not a lot of thought has gone into error handling/reporting. This will improve with time, but for now errors will cause crashes and weird behaviour for the client. This being beta, I'm relying on you out there to report what's happening, 'cause it works on my machine (etc.)

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