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Over and out

Posted at 2013-11-19 by Erapin

As you might have noticed, it's been ages since the last update. This have several reasons, partly contractual, partly because WG likes to mess with all input I use, but mostly since 0.8.9 implemented a rated MM in the form of team battles - My point has been made, and change affected.

In short, WoTsup is closed for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for contributing matches! See you in-game!

About rating and matchmaking

Posted at 2013-06-13 by Erapin

Reading the forum discussions about rating and matchmaking is sometimes enough to induce migraine-like symptoms. In order to have some generalised texts around that discusses the issues at hand in a rational way (and so I won't have to copy-and-paste across the forums) I've written some small introductory texts on the matter.

The texts may be found here (matchmaking) and here (rating systems). Input happily accepted.

Please feel free to use them as verbal baseball bats in any forum slug-outs! ;)

New thread on forums

Posted at 2013-05-20 by Erapin

Since the old WoT-sup thread on the forums has been archived, I thought a new one would be prudent.

Discussion on the system now has a new home. Here.

New MM stats - Conspiracies FTW?

Posted at 2013-05-19 by Erapin

There has been some talk lately of a rigged MM due to a Wargaming patent application. Are the rumours true? Are you a victim? Find out by submitting your matches and checking out your page - There is a brand spanking new table giving you some hard facts about how you are being matched.

The new feature seems to be a bit slow, I'll probably have to tweak it a bit. Should pose no real problem at the moment, though: The site is not exactly under heavy use! ;)

New login system

Posted at 2013-05-18 by Erapin

I have added a new, experimental, feature to the page: You may now log in using your Wargaming user credentials. The system is an implementation of the OpenID authentication standard, and means that WoT-sup never sees your password, all that is handled by Wargaming.

Currently, logging in doesn't actually do anything, but in the near future I hope to add some additional stats that will only be visible to logged in users on their own pages. More about that as I actually finish it!

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